The artistic directors of the project

Hermann Schneider
Artistc director of the Landestheater Linz

We are living in a period of great changes: economic and ecologic crisis, globalization, media, migration. Society and the individual are seeking for answers; but there are no answers, especially not simple ones, even though a lot of political parties and movements throughout the world and Europe suggest this. It is the privilege and the duty of art, of the theatre to create am open space, in which we like in the oracle in ancient times can reflect and play on how we live and on how we want to live – in an –esthetic way and experience. Therefore, our project CrossOpera is a link between our cultures, between countries, generations and CrossOpera is not only an utopic idea, but becomes reality.

Aleksandar Stankov
Director of Opera at Serbian National Theatre

Project CrossOpera makes a synthesis of East and West, expressed by the universal language of music. According to that it represents an inexhaustible source of new information and experiences for artists who will participate in the project and for the audience who will give their impressions after performing all of three operas in our cities. We are honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with Teatro Comunale di Modena and Landestheater from Linz and show the quality and high level of performing skills of our artists. This project is, above all, makes long-term investment the future progress of the arts, promotion of youth and most importantly build bridges between nations.

Aldo Sisillo
Artistic director of the Teatro Comunale di Modena

In a world where a simplification of the language is now under way and where we can no longer analyze and deal with complex problems through traditional communication, we rely on artistic languages, where metaphor or allegorical narration move a keyboard of deeper feelings that help us to reflect, not only rationally, on what are the implications of the problems of the present. Among these, there is the complicated integration between different cultures. 
However, we want to underline how the journey and the migrations have been, since the beginning of the history, a characteristic of our civilization; just think of the journey of Aeneas towards the West, or the dissemination of Flemish art and music in the Renaissance period. It is in this perspective, and on this resource, that we wanted to reflect with the production of a lyric work realized in the European context and through the point of view and the experience of three different nations.