Serbian National Theatre

The roots of the Serbian National Theatre reach back to 1861, when, on the meeting of the Serbian Reading-room, held in Novi Sad on July 16 (28), with Svetozar Miletic as a chairman, the decision of founding the Serbian National Theatre was made. Novi Sad became the cradle of the Serbian theatre, and was, with good reason named “The Serbian Athens”. The theater’s actors were also the cultural missionaries, who made a fundamental influence to the cultural identity and conscience of the nation.

In 1868 director and actors of the Serbian National Theatre were invited to found National Theatre in Belgrade. In 1947 was founded Opera of the Serbian National Theatre. In 1950 was founded Ballet of the Serbian National Theatre. In 1956 SNT was initiator and one of the founders of the biggest theatre festival in the country, Sterijino pozorje. On 28 of March 1981 the Theatre moved to the new building, and that day was established as the SNT Day. The principals aims of the Serbian National Theatre are to promote and preserve the national and international theatrical and cultural heritage, and to present the most valuable contemporary creative practice. Therefore, we stage large, ambitious production in our three units: Drama, Opera and Ballet Departments.

The Serbian National Theatre has represented Serbian culture throughout the country as well as abroad, with more than a hundred performances in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Nederland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Iraq, Egypt, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Corea. The theatre has presented its work – and gained many awards – at the main festivals in Serbia, and at many European festivals too.